SASSA cards to be discontinued

SASSA cards to be discontinued

The South African Social Security Agency and the SA Post Office have taken a decision to stop issuing cards to new social grants applicants. 

Photo: Facebook, Sassa News

This follows a number of fraud incidents where the grant cards were used. SASSA has been plagued with a number of fraud related cases in recent months. 

SASSA has had to upgrade their security systems to try and stop fraudsters from card cloning.

Earlier this month, a policewoman was caught at an ATM with 49 SASSA cards and more than R2000 cash in Phoenix, north of Durban.

In a separate incident two men were found with 495 SASSA cards and 84 bank cards in Ashburton.

It's believed that there are syndicates using a modus operandi of transferring money out of the cards into the cell phone numbers linked to the sim cards. 

SASSA has promised that this project might take no less than a month.

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