SA lawyers to draft free wills

SA lawyers to draft free wills

The Law Society of South Africa is urging you to take advantage of an opportunity next week to have your will drawn up if you haven't yet done so. 


National Wills Week gets underway from Monday.

Some of the attorneys belonging to the society will be offering their services free of charge - to help citizens in putting their wishes regarding their their assets and other family interests down on paper before death.

The society's Meyer Dewaal says often people shy away from drawing up a will as there's a belief that doing so invites death. 

He says having a will in place can prevent a lot of confusion and conflicts.

"If you do not have a will and your estate is [declared] according to the Intestate Succession Act, that every family member like your spouse or your children most likely will end up with a share in your estate. 

"That often leads to a lot of uncertainty with dealing with property, or a car or an asset. This could lead to a lot of  confusion and family disputes," he said.  

Click here to see details of the participating KZN-based lawyers near your area. 

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