SA has a serious problem of alcohol abuse: Davies

SA has a serious problem of alcohol abuse: Davies

Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies says the liquor industry needs to take responsibility for the high rate of alcohol abuse. 

Rob Davies liquor indaba
Photo: Slindelo Masikane

Davies opened the Liquor Amendment Bill Indaba in Ekurhuleni this morning.

The Bill is controversial, as some believe the economic impact of some of the suggestions would be too great. 

Proposed amendments to the National Liquor Act could see the drinking age raised to 21. 

Other suggestions include the banning of the sale of in any location less than 500 metres away from schools, and restrictions on the advertising of alcohol.  

According to Minister Davies, South Africa has a serious and growing problem of alcohol abuse and something needs to be done.  

"If we look at the world average liquor consumption per capita, South Africa stands at about twice the average. We consume about twice as much as the world average of liquor in this country. That liquor consumption goes along with serious alcohol abuse. When we look at the admissions to casualty wards, we look at unnatural deaths, something like half of the people who are dying unnaturally in South Africa from road accidents or violent crimes have blood alcohol levels that are greater than the level that is legal to drive," says Davies.

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