SA fuel prices ‘set to soar’ following Russia attack on Ukraine

SA fuel prices ‘set to soar’ following Russia attack on Ukraine

The Automobile Association says the fact that the oil price has already significantly increased is really bad new

Fuel prices up again

Spokesperson Layton Beard says this means the price of the product we buy, whether refined or shipped into the country, will be a lot more expensive than it was a couple of days ago.

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"As South Africans, we are not an island and even though major events may happen thousands of kilometres away from us these events are big enough that they will, in some way, impact on us locally."


"And because we are buying it at a more expensive price, it means that retailers and wholesalers are going to have to sell it at a more expensive price.'

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"We've noted already that we expect the fuel price to go up. These developments will add to that worry. 

"I think we are already looking at around R1.20 increases to the fuel prices, pushing fuel prices in the country to record highs."


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