SA aircraft crashes drop by 17%

SA aircraft crashes drop by 17%

The SA Civil Aviation Authority says it has seen a decrease in the number of aircraft accidents over the past year. 

Stats show that between April 2014 and March this year private aircraft accidents have decreased by 17%. 

The number of fatal crashes came down by 41% while the number of deaths dropped from 41 to 26. 

The authority's Poppy Khoza has outlined some of the most common causes of aircraft accidents.

''Amongst the findings, it's errors that are caused by pilots such as the issue of fuel starvation - where the aircraft does not have enough fuel to cover the entire route; weather patterns - when pilots don't do proper planning and check the weather and as they're flying, they come across adverse weather conditions.

''Also the issue of maintenance where the aircraft is not properly maintained to the level that's required by regulations. Those are the most critical findings we've made,'' she said.

(File photo: Arrive Alive)

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