Russian-made missile shot down MH17: investigators

Russian-made missile shot down MH17: investigators

Dutch investigators have confirmed that a Russian-made Buk missile did bring down Flight MH17 which crashed last year in eastern Ukraine with a Durbanite on board.

Flight MH17
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But there is still disagreement about who fired it, the West blames Russian-backed rebels, although they say it was not them.

All 298 people on board the Kuala Lumpur-bound Malaysian Airlines jet died.

Among them was Durban helicopter pilot Cameron Dalziel who had been working in Malaysia at the time. 

Tjibbe Joustra from the Dutch Safety Board has criticised Ukraine's decision to allow aircraft to fly over the region.

''They stated that, occasionally, weapon systems were used that could reach the cruising altitude of civil airliners. Yet, despite all of this, Ukraine did not close its airspace,'' he said.

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