Ronnie Kasrils' defamation case in court today

Ronnie Kasrils' defamation case in court today

Former Intelligence Minister Ronnie Kasrils will be at the Pretoria High Court today after lodging a R1-million defamation lawsuit against the head of the MK Military Veterans Association Kebby Maphatsoe.


Almost two years ago, Maphatsoe alleged Kasrils that he orchestrated the rape allegations made against President Jacob Zuma.

The case involved the daughter of a family friend who was HIV-positive and became widely known as Khwezi.

Zuma was acquitted of the charges in 2006 - citing that it was consensual sex.


Maphatsoe also accused Kasrils of trying to get rid of the MK veterans so he could sell the country's secrets.

Kasrils says the allegations are untrue and malicious.

"He's got to show why he made those claims, he's got to prove it. I can say from the start that these are lies that he should withdraw that statement, and he should apologise to me.

"We gave him a chance to do this two years ago but he declined so his chosen to place himself in a position where he will be cross-examined, where there will be a court case," he said.

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