Retail store responds to 'condom found in sandwich' incident

Woolworths responds to 'condom found in sandwich' incident

Local high-end retail store, Woolworths says they are investigating the incident where a customer alleges to have found a condom in a sandwich purchased at one of its outlets.

Sandwich saga - Facebook

A customer took to social media to share an image of the sandwich purporting to have been purchased from the food and clothing store.

A parody account with the username @Woolworst_SA also emerged responding to the tweet. 

Woolworths has both responded to the consumer and issued a brief statement, saying they are looking into the incident. They have also distanced the brand from the parody account. 

"The product has been received and is with the supplier for full investigation.” Woolworths said in a statement. 


The user has since deleted his account from the social network. 

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