Restaurant association gets feedback from Ramaphosa’s camp

Restaurant association gets feedback from Ramaphosa’s camp

The Presidency has acknowledged a memorandum sent by the Restaurant Association of South Africa for alcohol to be allowed to be sold in restaurants again.

Covid business closed

RASA's legal representative, Ashton Naidoo says they received a response this morning - telling them the President is looking into the matter.

Yesterday  - the tourism sector held demonstrations in different parts of the country - to highlight the impact the lockdown has had on businesses.

Naidoo says they're hoping to take matters further with the President. 

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"The protest was a success. Part of that, we received a response from the state attorney who represents the president. 

They advised us they have acknowledged receipt of the letter. 

"In the interim, my client expressed that I address the letter to the state attorney, requesting a meeting with the president so that they can voice their concernsas well as put proposals forward as they see on how we can reopen the restaurants."

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