Reservoir Hills protests: M19 reopens, police on high alert

Reservoir Hills protests: M19 reopens, police on high alert

The M19 highway has reopened after a portion of the route, from Umgeni Road to Reservoir Hills was closed again on Tuesday morning - due to piles of charred debris.

Reservoir Hills protests: M19 highway reopens, police on high alert
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"A joint decision has been taken to open the M19 - that is the westbound and eastbound carriageways and all the roads that had been affected by the protests and blockades," Durban Metro Police told Newswatch. 

The route from Umgeni Road to Reservoir Hills was closed on Tuesday morning for the clean up of charred debris, after Monday's violent protest action. 

Metro Police spokesperson, Parboo Sewpersad says while the situation is calm, motorists need to be careful. 

"There is a strong presence of the Metro Police and the South African Police Service. The Metro Police have all the deployments in and around the areas. Motorists are urged to be extra vigilant when approaching the Reservoir Hills, Mountbatten Clair Road interchange." 

Hundreds of residents from an informal settlement took to the streets yesterday, after eThekwini Municipality removed illegal electricity connections.  

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Meanwhile, The Durban Chamber of Commerce says the City cannot afford protest action that puts the brakes on business productivity. 

The Chamber says disruptions like these, due to prolonged periods of protest, will translate to huge losses for our economy. 

It's calling on the City and the residents who demonstrated - to meet and talk about the concerns they have. 

The Chamber's urging the police take immediate action to reduce the risk of damage to public and private property.

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