Ramaphosa vows to discuss ‘red list’ with UK’s Boris Johnson

Ramaphosa vows to discuss ‘red list’ with UK’s Boris Johnson

President Cyril Ramaphosa says he is due to speak to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to discuss South Africa’s placement on that country’s red list. 

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Ramaphosa confirmed the news during a briefing with journalists at Luthuli House on Wednesday. 

“I’m due to speak to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and we’ve been getting our officials to speak and our officials have met their people both on the political and at a scientific level. This is being handled and is in process. We don’t have the need to retaliate. We don’t have such a need,” said Ramahosa. 

“The UK is an important trading partner to South Africa and one of the many important ones and we don’t feel the need to retaliate but we’d rather engage. And through our engagement we are hoping to find a solution.” 

Ramaphosa also encouraged more debate on calls to make the Covid-19 vaccine mandatory. 

He believes the issue needs to be treated with the utmost care. 

“We’ve got to navigate around this one very, very carefully because it also impacts on the constitutional rights of people. 

“In the end it is a discussion that will reach its own fruition, we are also discussing it in government and I will want to say to the extent that people want to make it compulsory, let us engage first with our workers, with our customers and whoever.”


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