Ramaphosa looks ahead to 'fresh start' after 'year of storms' in NY message

Ramaphosa looks ahead to 'fresh start' after 'year of storms' in NY message

President Cyril Ramaphosa says he is looking forward to a fresh start in 2023 after a "year of storms." 

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In his new year's message, the President says "2022 has been a difficult year. 

It is a year during which South Africans continued to endure the hardships that were given rise to by unemployment, poverty and persistent inequality."

"On top of all this we have had to deal with the rising cost of living and an energy crisis," he adds. 

Ramaphosa reflected on a number of tragedies in his message, notably the deadly tanker explosion in Boksburg on Christmas Eve. 

"With all that has happened this past year, we must remain optimistic and have hope. For hope does spring eternal in the human breast," he said. 

"Much as we are going through a stormy phase in the life of a country, storms do eventually pass."

The president said he was hopeful that load shedding, among other things, would be addressed in 2023. 

"We are working hard to end the crisis of load shedding," he said. 

"We are increasing the amount of renewable energy on the grid. The benefits of this work may not be immediately felt, but we should expect that these efforts will steadily reduce the need for load shedding until it is no longer necessary."

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