Ramaphosa to give official Heritage Day address

Ramaphosa to give official Heritage Day address

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa will lead the official National Heritage Day celebration at Mokomene in Limpopo this morning.


Ramaphosa will give the keynote address at the Ramokgopa Stadium and thousands of locals are expected to attend.

His spokesperson Ronnie Mamoepa explains the aim of this year's theme -  “Our indigenous knowledge, our heritage".

"This seeks to reconnect all South Africans, black and white to our rich and diverse collective heritage. The function will also be utilised to create awareness through educational programmes, dialogues, and public activities on the importance of collective heritage as a vehicle to foster social cohesion and nation building," he said.

Ramaphosa will be joined by Arts and Culture Nathi Mthethwa and other cabinet ministers.

Many South Africans will be gathering around a braai today as they celebrate their heritage.

Today is also unofficially known as "Braai Day" - owing to South Africans' love for meat cooked over an open flame.

But the Head of the National Braai Day Initiative - Jan Braai says today is more than just about boerewors, chops and chicken.

"It's not about who makes the biggest fire or who braais the biggest piece of meat. It's really about uniting around the fire with your friends and family and celebrating everything that is good and great about South Africa," Braai said.

As you get the braai fire going, Braai has some tips to make sure it's a good one and enjoyed by all.

"The most important thing at a braai is to make a big fire. If you are in any doubt as to whether your fire is big enough, then your fire is too small. You don't need meat to have a braai. There are many other alternatives like bread, phuthu papa, mielies, vegetables and fish which you can braai. Always make sure you have enough ice at your braai to put into your drinks and to make the beer cold. Also, if someone sustains a burn wound, you can treat it with ice," he said.

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