Ramaphosa: Cost to battle COVID-19 not a factor

Ramaphosa: Cost to battle COVID-19 not a factor

President Cyril Ramaphosa says cost is not a factor in recruiting the number of health workers needed to fight COVID-19.

Ramaphosa in WC covid-19

Ramaphosa was in Cape Town on Friday, where he's been presented with the Western Cape's strategies to fight the pandemic.

The Western Cape accounts for more than 66 percent of South Africa's 40,792 infections and over 70 percent of the 848 deaths.

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Ramaphosa attended the official opening of the CTICC COVID-19 field hospital, which can accommodate over 800 recovering Covid19 patients during the peak of the pandemic.

"Money is not going to be the issue. We must pull out all stops to save lives. This is a war that we must win. We cannot sit back and be defeated by COVID-19 on the basis that we didn't have enough staff members."

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