Rainfall brings relief to some water-stressed KZN dams

Rainfall brings relief to some water-stressed KZN dams

Weekend rainfall has significantly increased the dam levels on the South Coast. 

Hazelmere Dam receives a slight increase in water level
Khatija Nxedlana

But, Umgeni Water says dam levels in most parts of KZN have remained relatively the same despite the downpours. 

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Spokesperson, Shami Harichunder says between 65 and 85 millilitres fell on the South Coast. 

"The rainfall where we had the most beneficial effect on the three dams on the South Coast: Umzinto, Nungwane and EJ Smith Dam."

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"The rain came at the right time as well because the level of Umzinto Dam was falling quite rapidly. Unfortunately the other dams have not benefited as much from the rainfall. 

"However, we are hoping that this is a start of what could be a very good rainfall season coming up in the next two to three months at least. We are confident that the projections made thus far will materialise," says Harichunder. 

He says the best rain fell in parts of Durban, but it ended up in the sea as it is not possible to capture it in any of the dams. 

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