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R2K continues fight against cyber security bill

Advocacy group, The Right 2 Know Campaign says the passing of the Cyber Crimes and Cyber Security Bill would lead to the invasion of privacy. 

R2K fight against cyber privacy
R2K Twitter Page

The organisation is appearing before Parliament where it is arguing why the bill should not be passed. 

Earlier this year, Security Minister David Mahlobo suggested government, through its security agency, would regulate social media. 

R2K's Karabo Rajuili says some posts could then be classified as criminal. 

She says company servers and databases could also be targeted.

"The moment you give government that level of control over discussions, it means potentially that those who want to express themselves are not going to feel comfortable and then that will be made into a criminal offence. 

"State security can go to any of these private companies or private individuals and say - your server now has a critical infrastructure site - that potentially means that state security entities will have a back door in which to access that information. The privacy rights of citizens will be terribly violated in this instance," she says. 

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