Python devours goanna mid-air at retirement village

Python devours goanna mid-air at retirement village

An enormous python was pictured devouring a goanna while suspended mid-air at a retirement village in Australia. 

Python devours goanna mid-air at retirement village

Residents from the Churches of Christ Sanctuary Park Retirement, in Nambour, Queensland witnessed the show last week. 

The goanna was snatched by the carpet python which lowered itself from the roof of one of the buildings on the property. 

According to 9News, the image was captured by an employee. 

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On Facebook, the establishment wrote: "Our Sanctuary Park Retirement Community residents got quite the show last week when this #carpetpython landed on their doorstep."

"With the drought, many native animals from the neighbouring national park are looking for water and food - this reptile found both!"

Meanwhile, social media users have been reacting to the extraordinary image. 

Prue Redmond posted: "[It] amazes me how they can eat hanging upside down. Incredible."

Manish Pilania said: "Who was the photographer? I really want to salute you, when I saw the photo first time, I was scared to death."

George Baska called it "nature at work."

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