Protests intensify over KZN water shortages

Protests intensify over KZN water shortages

Community protests sparked by water shortages has spread to other parts of Umkhanyakude District.

via Twitter, @ShehanaGaibie

This time locals at Ubombo have barricaded a main road that leads to Bethesda District Hospital. 

This has meant that a group of local and Dutch engineers have been unable to access the hospital to work on water shortages at the facility.

John Bonner, who is part of the team of engineers, says the angry locals have also blocked off roads leading to the N2 since Wednesday as well as the BnB they've been staying at.

''They've been sending the ambulances back and they're refusing to allow traffic and staff to leave the hospital. This morning they blockaded the entrance gate to the hospital itself. 

''So there is no way the staff can get inside the [premises]. When we were observing the protestors this morning, they started to walk towards us and other guests stuck in the Bed and Breakfast with knobkerries and pangas,'' he said.

This week - residents in Jozini - which also falls under Umkhanyakude have been barricading the main road in the area that joins the N2 with large rocks demanding water and RDP housing. 

The municipality says there will be a meeting with the Co-operative Governance Department and other provincial officials on Monday - to discuss the possible interim solutions to the problem.

See the scene below.



(Photos: via Twitter, @ShehanaGaibie)

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