Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton diagnosed with pneumonia

Presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton diagnosed with pneumonia

Hillary Clinton's doctor has revealed that the US presidential hopeful has been diagnosed with pneumonia. 

Hillary Clinton
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Clinton fell ill yesterday at a 9/11 ceremony, renewing speculation about the Democratic presidential candidate's health barely eight weeks from Election Day.

The 68-year-old candidate abruptly left the Ground Zero memorial in New York suffering from dehydration.

The incident, in which a wobbly Clinton appeared to lose her footing as she was helped into her vehicle, offered Republican Donald Trump a new opening to attack his White House rival with just 15 days before their first high-pressure presidential debate.

Video footage has emerged of the Democratic presidential candidate stumbling as she waited to get into a black vehicle while leaving the event. 

The former secretary of state spent 90 minutes at the ceremony in lower Manhattan, greeting some relatives of those killed in the terror strikes 15 years ago. Clinton was a US senator for New York at the time of the attacks.

"During the ceremony, she felt overheated so departed to go to her daughter's apartment, and is feeling much better," the statement from her campaign said.

Donald Trump 

Trump - who also attended the 9/11 ceremony - was uncharacteristically silent on Twitter about Clinton's illness, as both took a break from formal campaigning to mark the somber day.

But the businessman, his spokespeople and surrogates have promoted the idea in recent weeks that Clinton has serious health problems.

Trump, 70, has said Clinton is "not strong enough to be president" and that she "lacks the mental and physical stamina" for the job.

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The root of the claims lies in 2012, when Clinton was nearing the end of her State Department tenure. A stomach virus and dehydration prompted her to faint, causing what her doctor said was a concussion.

They said they found a blood clot on the brain and Clinton temporarily suffered from double vision. She later received the all-clear.

The former first lady has dismissed "conspiracy theories" about her health and pointed to a letter from her doctor declaring her fit to serve as president. 

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