PRASA condemns attack on female train driver

PRASA condemns attack on female train driver

The Passenger Rail Agency in KwaZulu-Natal has condemned an attack on one of its drivers, allegedly by a commuter who was upset over train delays. 

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Khatija Nxedlana

Authorities say the woman stopped the train during an emergency at Briardene Station, north of Durban last week. 

An irate man threw a rock at her - leaving her with injuries to her face.  

Condemning what happened, PRASA's Zama Nomnganga says incidents like these cause further disruptions. 

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"When a train crew [member] is assaulted, they would have to leave the train and be booked [off sick]. That is now minus a train crew, whereas we do not have much train crew because of these incidents."

"The train crew is booked off, and innocent commuters suffer because there won't be crew members."

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