PRASA calls for public vigilance

PRASA calls for public vigilance

Rail agency - PRASA - has urged the public to report any unusual behaviour at railway stations. 

Railway train track
Photo: Wikimedia, Qualle

Police have recovered the body of a man that was found underneath a train at the Berea Railway Station in Durban on Friday. While the incident is being probed it is alleged the 23-year-old jumped in front of an oncoming train. 

An inquest docket has been opened. 

PRASA KZN spokesperson Zama Nomnganga says such incidents are happening too often.

"Some incidents occur from deliberate actions while some not so deliberate. There is also the element of being suicidal to consider", he said.

"So we ask that the communities look around and for people not to play near tracks or engage in train surfing", Nomnganga said.

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