Polokwane abductions: Two days and still no sign of Moti siblings

Polokwane abductions: Two days and still no sign of Moti siblings

Polokwane-based brothers Zia (15), Alaan (13), Zayyad (11) and 6-year-old Zidan were abducted by a group of men while on their way to school on Wednesday morning. 

Abducted Polokwane brothers-  Zia (15), Alaan (13), Zayyad (11) and Zidan (6) Moti

Friday morning marked 48 hours since the kidnapping and still there has been no word from the kidnappers or any information on the location of the brothers. 

Family lawyer Philip Smit says as the family remains in the dark, although the community has been a strong source of support.

“The family is being supported by the community and family members in Polokwane, so they got a good support base at this point.

“There has not been any further information coming forth on the kidnapping of the four Moti brothers, at this stage we are in the dark as to their where about and no contact has been made yet.”

Smit adds there is still a lot of false information being shared on social media.

“We would like to urge the community not to spread fake news. We have a lot of fake news we come across on social media platforms, the boys have not been found and no ransom has been requested until now.”

He says they remain hopeful that the kidnappers will soon make contact with the family. 

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