Police seek motive in deadly US shooting

Police seek motive in deadly US shooting

Police in the United States of Virginia are trying to establish the motive for the deadly shootings of a TV reporter and her cameraman during a live broadcast yesterday.


Alison Parker and Adam Ward were in the middle of a report at a local shopping centre when the suspect Vester Lee Flanagan, a former colleague of theirs opened fire. 

Flanagan later ended up in a car chase with police. 

Sky News is reporting that he then turned the gun on himself. 

Click here to read the breaking story of the shooting. 

News anchor at the station WD BJ Jean Jadhon spoke about the incident on air.

''It's really hard to even comprehend, we cover these things all the time but it's really hard when you know the people involved. It's tough covering it when you don't know the people but when it's two of your own and so young, it's really hard,'' she said. 

President Barack Obama says it breaks his heart to hear of such incidents. 

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