Phoenix preschool faces possible closure amid mounting child abuse claims

Phoenix preschool faces possible closure amid mounting child abuse claims

A Phoenix preschool could find itself being shut down if it is found that children there have been abused.


On Monday, community members gathered outside the learning centre demanding the removal of the principal following allegations a two-year-old boy was assaulted by his teacher.

Preshalin Pillay told Newswatch on Monday that his son came home with a swollen nose.

He said he had also noticed a change of behaviour in his boy.

Pillay said he confronted the school and was shown video footage showing the toddler being kicked.

He has opened a case of assault against the teacher.

The KwaZulu-Natal Social Development Department says social workers have been sent to the preschool to investigate after other parents claimed the same had happened to their young ones.

The department's Mhlabunzima Memela has urged them to come forward and assist with the probe.

"Give information to the social workers and the police so that this matter can be investigated and given the attention it deserves.

"If then it's found that it's true that there's been an extent of abuse of children in that institution, there's a lot of work that definitely needs to be taken which might also lead to the closure of that institution."  

Memela says the social workers will also create a database where they will screen all practitioners.

"They will be screened against the child protection registration. Those are the other things we are dealing with now and our work has not yet been completed."


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