Pensioners urge govt to fix Chatsworth SASSA offices

Pensioners urge govt to fix Chatsworth SASSA offices

Some pensioners in Chatsworth say while the welcome the shutting down of the local SASSA office, the move have inconvenienced them


The facility was closed last week over safety concerns.

Department of Labour's health inspector says an investigation revealed structural integrity issues, electrical problems, health, safety and hygiene issues at the branch.

Authorities say the office will be reopened once it's been certified safe for use.

Grant recipients have been told to use other offices, like uMlazi and Pinetown.

Pensioner Fathima Saith says it was about time the government took action.


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"The office was very bad with water and it was messed up. They must fix it up because where is the nearest place to get my grant?"

 Sathie Govender says travelling to other offices is inconvenient. 

"Because of you people's negligence, why should these people pay? Get something done, and get us a temporary place until they restructure this whole place. 

"It's terrible, it's hard. I have arthritis in my toes, I can't drive any longer. I got epilepsy and a heart condition so I a guy like me, my life is crippled."

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