Parents must adopt healthy eating habits, says specialist

Parents must 'adopt healthy eating habits'

People around the globe are marking World Diabetes Day today. 

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In our country, it’s estimated that one out of 12 South Africans are living the chronic condition also known as the ‘silent killer’. 

The Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology says the number of people with diabetes is on the rise - the United Nation’s called for greater action to turn the tide on the worldwide epidemic. 

Michael Brown, a diabetes specialist nurse, says it’s important for the parents of children living with diabetes to lead by example by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

"There should be discipline and routine for children. Very importantly is for parents to lead the way because we know that obesity and Type 2 diabetes are essentially socially transmitted diseases of lifestyle. 

"So if your parents are overweight, don't exercise and don't make healthy food choices - they will pass on those behaviours to their children," he said. 

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