Nzimande calls for ‘strongest action’ against urinating Stellenbosch student

Nzimande calls for ‘strongest action’ against urinating Stellenbosch student

Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande has called for the strongest possible action to be taken against a white Stellenbosch University student who urinated on a black student's belongings. 

Blade Nzimande

He's welcomed the Western Cape institution's swift response to the racist incident.


Babalo Ndwayana, who filmed Theuns du Toit relieving himself on his books and laptop on Sunday morning at their residence, has opened a criminal case with the police.


Nzimande has described Du Toit's behaviour as shameful.

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"We did issue a statement condemning this incident at Stellenbosch University and I have indicated in the statement that we are waiting for a full report from the university once they've taken all the action that they've outlined.


More than 80-thousand people have added their signatures to a petition calling for Du Toit's expulsion. He was suspended pending an internal investigation into the incident.

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