Number of pupils who walk to school decreasing, says Stats SA

Number of pupils who walk to school decreasing, says Stats SA

The number of pupils who walk to their educational institution decreased to 10,1 million from 11 million observed in 2013, according to Stats SA.

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The number of pupils who walked all the way represents 59,4% of all pupils.


Stats SA released its  National Household Travel Survey on Thursday morning.


Most pupils walk to their educational institution because it is nearby or close enough to walk from home.


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However, the percentage of learners who travelled for longer than 60 minutes to their educational institution increased most significantly in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Gauteng.


"The second most common reason provided was that public transport was too expensive (11,0%). This reason was most likely to be given in rural areas (13,1%).


"Individuals who attended an educational institution and used public transport were most likely to use a taxi (72,4%), followed by those who used a bus (26,6%), while 1,0% used a train," the report says.


Nationally, average travel time has increased across all modes of transport except for pupils who drove and used buses to their educational institution between 2013 and 2020.

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