No survivors in Indonesian plane crash

No survivors in Indonesian plane crash

An Indonesian search team has found the wreckage of a cargo plane along with the bodies of four crew members in a mountainous part of the country.

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The Caribou plane yesterday lost contact with air traffic control during what was supposed to be a short flight in the remote eastern province of Papua, prompting a search and rescue mission in the rugged area.

"The aircraft was destroyed," transport ministry spokesman Bambang Ervan said, adding the bodies had been removed from the crash site.

Indonesia has a poor aviation safety record and Papua is a particularly problematic place to fly due to its mountainous terrain and frequent poor weather.

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The Caribou set off from the city of Timika yesterday 7:57 am (2257 GMT Sunday) and was headed to Ilaga, a farming community located in the mountains, according to the transport ministry.

The plane contacted air traffic control in Ilaga at 8:23 am saying that it was due to land in a few minutes but never arrived. 

Officials said the aircraft, reportedly carrying construction materials, sent an emergency signal before losing contact. 

The plane is part of the Caribou DHC-4 family of cargo aircraft which only need a small space for takeoff and landing.

A passenger plane operated by Indonesian carrier Trigana crashed in the Papua region in bad weather in August last year, killing all 54 passengers and crew aboard.

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