Nigerian Christian Association condemns arrested pastor

Nigerian Christian Association condemns arrested pastor

The Christian Association of Nigeria has condemned a pastor who stands accused of sexually exploiting at least 30 girls.

Nigerian Christian Association
Samkelo Maseko

The Nigerian pastor, who lives in Port Elizabeth, was arrested by the Hawks on charges of human trafficking

The association's Archbishop Benson Uwha said they are aware that not all of their countrymen necessarily have good intentions, but pointed out that some South African pastors are also accused of exploiting their congregants. 

"We do not shy away from the fact that there are a few Nigerians who come into this land in the name of pastors and otherwise and drive undue excesses and despicable acts.

""We condemn the practices and also appeal to South Africans to let the law take its course. 

"We as the association of honest and lawful Nigerians stand against such acts and do not support such," said Uwha.

Meanwhile, President of the Nigerian Pastors Association (NPASA), Ranti Femudo says the association is made of honest and lawful Nigerians and they stand against despicable acts by the arrested Pastor.

The pastor is set to appear in the Port Elizabeth Magistrates Court today.  

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