A New Heart For Amy campaign continues

A New Heart For Amy campaign continues

Heart Kids South Africa who headed the A New Heart For Amy campaign say they will continue to rally support for paediatric organ donation in her honour. 

Amy -  www.heartkids.co.za

The five-year-old girl from Durban died yesterday. 

Amy was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome - a rare heart condition where the left ventricle isn’t as developed as the right one. 

The foundation says there is a desperate need to grow the donor pool for heart transplants for children. 

Heart Kids South Africa's Liza Welsh says it's difficult for parents to decide whether or not their young ones become organ donors upon their deaths.

"People just don't realise that it's a decision you need to make before the time - before tragedy hits. When tragedy hit - you're in no space to be thinking about these things or you possibly not going to think about it. 

"And at the moment, there's a lack of people asking healthcare professionals asking potential donors or families if they would like to donate their child or loved ones' organs," she said. 

Amy's mother Natasha has told Newswatch her corneas and some of her organs are being harvested to help someone else.


(Photo via www.heartkids.co.za)

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