Netcare 911 helicopter ‘broke up in mid-air’, CAA report finds

Netcare 911 helicopter ‘broke up in mid-air’, CAA report finds

The South African Civil Aviation Authority has released its preliminary findings into the helicopter crash which killed Netcare 911 medics and the pilot.

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The helicopter was en route from Johannesburg to Hillcrest in KwaZulu-Natal last month when it broke apart in mid-air.


Onboard was a pilot, a helicopter paramedic, two doctors and a theatre nurse.


It was later revealed that the medics onboard were in Pretoria to try and save the life of the late Minister in the Presidency Jackson Mthembu.

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Mthembu subsequently died due to complications from Covid-19.


The report reveals that the helicopter spun out of control before breaking up in mid-air.


"Approximately 1.5 hours into the flight and cruising at 725 feet above ground level, the helicopter started to spin uncontrollably before breaking up and losing height rapidly and finally crashing.


"A post-impact fire erupted thereafter, which destroyed the helicopter. All five occupants onboard were fatally injured."

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