Nearly R700 000 COVID-19 funds unlawfully pocketed by Durban man

Nearly R700 000 COVID-19 funds unlawfully pocketed by Durban man

The NPA's Asset Forfeiture Unit has been granted an order to freeze the bank accounts of a Durban man who is suspected of defrauding the UIF of close to R700 000 in COVID-19 relief funds. 

UIF scheme
Hester Benson

The preservation order was granted in the High Court in Pretoria this week. 

It is understood that the money was meant to assist 150 employees of the  Durban based company, National Adhesive Distributors in April. 

The NPA says on the 12th of June, the company contacted the UIF saying funds had not reflected in its bank account.

 NPA spokesperson, Sipho Ngwema, says it was discovered that the funds went into the account of Thokozani Mchunu, a private individual who is neither employed by the UIF nor the company.

He says after receiving the funds Mchunu then transferred portions of the money into other bank accounts held by himself, various stokvel accounts and numerous bank accounts of other individuals.

"It is alleged that Mr Mchunu received about R700 000 from the COVID-19 insurance fund which was meant to go to the company", he said.

"The company had successfully applied for its employees and their dependents but the money found its way to Mr Mchunu's bank accounts", Ngwema said

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