N3 truck protest near Harrismith called off

N3 truck protest near Harrismith called off

Truckers who staged a two-day protest by blocking the N3 near Harrismith with their heavy-duty vehicles have called off their demonstration.

N3 at a standstill as protesting truckers target highway

The N3 Toll Concession says traffic began moving again early Wednesday morning.

The protest caused chaos on the national route with drivers gridlocked for hours.

Some traffic between Durban and Johannesburg was rerouted, while many motorists were forced to delay their trips.

Speaking about the demonstration, the All Truck Drivers Foundation says the key issue is the employment of foreign truckers.

Spokesperson Sfiso Nyathi says they support the protest.

"We as drivers in South Africa find ourselves not getting employed. We are suffering. Even those who are working are not working in good conditions.

"The employer is not complying, that's a burning issue why they protest. If I can tell you these people are protesting are not mad, employers do not want to change their behaviour to employ South African drivers."

The Road Freight Association's Gavin Kelly has appealed to the government to find a lasting solution to the impasse.  

"We do not agree with the manner in which it's done. We have continuously noted that there are systems and ways to deal with this and we call upon authorities in South Africa to ensure that those who break the law are dealt with. 

"Those who continue to disrupt and create other offences are dealt with and that citizens, truck owners and truck operators are able to apply their businesses. We can not afford any of this any longer.


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