N3 to be repaired following truck inferno

N3 to be repaired following truck inferno

The N3 highway at Van Reenen's Pass suffered extensive damage in a truck inferno that saw five trucks catching fire. 

Truck fire on Van Reenen's Pass

The N3 Toll Concession's Con Roux says the damage has now been assessed, and repair work will commence as soon as possible. 

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However, the repairs are likely to take the whole weekend. 

With schools closing this week, the N3 road authorities foresee heavy traffic on the routes. 

"The damage has been very extensive because of the severe and intensity of the fires," says Roux. 

"The management of traffic flow in a north-bound direction will be at Tugela plaza where, if traffic flow on Van Reenen becomes too heavy, we then close lanes down at Tugela plaza," says Roux. 

He advises motorists planning to use the route to stay in touch with them on Twitter @N3Route or via their 24-hour toll-free line 0800-63-4357 for the latest on traffic delays.

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