Msunduzi locals urged to accomodate meter officials

Msunduzi locals urged to accomodate meter officials

Authorities at the Msunduzi Municipality are urging residents to be patient and kindly assist municipal officials who operate after hours.


Some locals there have complained to their councillors about water and electricity meter readers who visit homes in the evenings to do the readings.

Msunduzi mayor, Chris Ndlela, says the later working shift - which is from 5pm to 9pm - was adopted - after it was found that during the day many citizens are at work or school.

He says because of this - the municipality could not get accurate readings.

"We are not doing that across the city. We are doing that where there are problems of accessibility into properties for metre reading purposes", he said.

"We there want to appeal to our communities to say we want to totally eradicate estimation of consumption. This is an extra mile we are going" Ndlela said.

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