Mourning Sea View parents demand answers after son electrocuted

Mourning Sea View parents demand answers after son electrocuted

The parents of 11-year-old, Kyle O'Reilly, who was electrocuted while swimming in the Umbilo Canal are demanding answers.

Kyle O’Reilly

On Monday, the youngster and his friends were swimming, when he stepped on a live wire hidden underwater.

It is believed that the illegal connection was traced back to a municipal light pole almost two kilometres away. 

It was disconnected by City contractors the following day. 

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His father, Wayne O'Reilly says they have been left heartbroken.

"This is my son. It is a piece of me that was taken away. I am going to miss being able to groom this kid up the right way and enjoy all those moments that I've been longing and looking forward to." 

"It's very sad because Kyle was my everyday get up and go, he was a bright kid that enjoyed the outdoors."

O'Reilly says they are desperate to understand exactly what transpired.

"This is something I cant lest rest. I am very angry, and I am not going to rest until I have some form of punishment that must be handed to whoever for allowing this to even happen."

"I am here to do what is right for my son, justice for my son so that I can also have a piece of mind."

Kyle will be laid to rest on Monday. 

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