Motorists warned to expect sharp hike in petrol price

Motorists warned to expect sharp hike in petrol price

Another petrol price increase is on the cards for May.

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The Automobile Association says data from the Central Energy Fund indicates a hike of 52 cents for unleaded 93 and 56 cents for 95.

The AA's Layton Beard says diesel and paraffin users can expect some relief.

Diesel is expected to cost 31 and 57 cents less per litre. 

Illuminating paraffin is predicted to go down by 32 cents a litre.

"The decrease to diesel and paraffin prices is certainly good news, especially as the country enters colder months. But the increases to the petrol prices will add more strain to already stretched budgets, and consumers are advised to revise their budgets accordingly," says Beard. 

"There is no doubt these are difficult times, and petrol price increases will come as bad news for many who will have to dig even deeper in their pockets to keep mobile. 

"The surge in international oil prices is the main driver contributing to the under-recovery in petrol while the average Rand/US Dollar exchange rate during April is actually providing some relief, without which the increases could have been higher."

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