Mom who allegedly dumped baby in stormwater drain fit for house arrest

Mom who allegedly dumped baby in stormwater drain fit for house arrest

The Durban mother who allegedly dumped her newborn baby girl in a storm water drain in Newlands East, is fit to serve her sentence at home, the Ntuzuma Magistrate's Court has heard. 

Nushera Soodyal

The infant was brought to the surface following a dramatic three-hour rescue operation on Baracuda Road in February. She was found stuck some seven meters down the drainpipe. 

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The 32-year-old mother appeared briefly in court again on Wednesday. 

Her attorney, Jacque Botha told the court that they had received a monitoring report indicating whether she would be eligible for correction supervision that will form part of a plea and sentencing agreement.

Botha confirmed that his client had been cleared, which means she could spend her sentence at home and not inside a correctional facility.

The case was postponed to next week where the plea and sentencing agreement will be handed to the Magistrate for decision. 

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In her last appearance, Botha told reporters that they also want an attempted murder charge withdrawn and to rather have a charge of child abandonment added. 

It is understood at this stage that the NPA has agreed to the request.

The case has been postponed to next week to the regional court.

The mother is allowed to see the child under the supervision of a social worker. The baby is being cared for at a place of safety.

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