Mboweni vents about government's decisions

Mboweni vents about government's decisions

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni has taken to social media to describe his jobs as, "thankless and abusive," adding that he has to adhere to collective decisions. 

Tito mboweni finance minister R500bn briefing

In a series of tweets posted last night, Mboweni says at the time he joined government, he didn't realise he'd had to follow collective decisions and reminisced about life as a free man. 

"Not so long ago, I was a free man, no political constraints. Then I agreed, voluntarily to join government. Tjoooo! Free but not free!! You have to obey the majority/collective decisions! Sometimes it feels like swallowing a rock!"

Mboweni is against the banning on the sales of alcohol and cigarettes. 

The taxman recently said: "Once cabinet has taken a decision, those decisions are binding on all ministers even if you don't like it. For example, I didn't like the continuous ban on tobacco and alcohol, but I lost the debate, and therefore, I have to toe the line."

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In another tweet he posted.

"I have often asked myself the question: What is the art of politics? The Path to Power and how to stay in Power! And lead your People correctly. Corruption free. Why do people want to be in Power, actually? Why? It's a poorly paying, thankless and abusive job!!"

Twitter users have been reacting on the platform: 

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