Marijuana clinic opens in Durban

Marijuana clinic opens in Durban

Durban now has its own medical marijuana dispensary.


Founder of Canna Culture, Krithi Thaver, says they are ready to assist various patients.

"At the moment we are importing some products, but you can get anything you are looking for from our store from buying a bottle to high protein foods", he said.

"Canna Culture is an organisation designed to break the negative stigma around cannabis", Thaver said.

Canna Culture was launched in Glen Anil yesterday. Thaver says while cannabis is illegal in our country, people can legally purchase their products with a doctor's prescription. 

He says they have been working on taking a holistic approach to treating a number of ailments and illnesses using the cannabis plant.

"It is really to assist patients who have cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, HIV and for general pain management", he said.

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