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Man trapped under Connaught Bridge rescued

A man has been rescued after being trapped under the Connaught Bridge in Durban - apparently for a number of days.

Rescue Care

Various emergency services teams from around Durban worked together to bring the man up to safety. 

It's not yet clear how or why he got there.

IPSS Medical Rescue's Paul Herbst says the man was disoriented when they found him.

"The IPSS's Medical Rescue, together with the police search and rescue, were called out to the bridge where we're currently at - where a man somehow got trapped underneath the bridge towards the middle of a pillar.

"He's been there for plus-minus two days [and is] suffering from hypothermia and also obviously low blood sugar.

"It was quite a technical rescue to get him down. It took about an hour-and-a-half. Unfortunately when we got to him he wanted to jump off the bridge unless we got him food.

"Clinton [Odayar] from SAPS K9 Search and Rescue spoke to him and we managed to get him into a harness and to a safety line and lowered him down," he said.

Bridge Rescue
Rescue Care

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