Man hospitalised, others ill after Umhlanga salmonella case

Man hospitalised, others ill after Umhlanga salmonella case

At least 11 people have fallen ill with salmonella food poisoning, after dining at an upmarket Umhlanga eatery - with many having landed up in hospital, including at least one oncology patient.  

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And reports of cases around the city - emanating from different sources - are now beginning to surface.  

In a post on its Facebook page, Old Town Italy says over the last three days it's received reports of people getting sick after eating their breakfasts. 

A 23-year-old man was hospitalised on Monday after eating there on Sunday.

"He came to the casualty ward and he was admitted. The guys at casualty placed him on a drip and gave him all sorts of things. He was stabilised and told he could go home," said the man's father. 

But hours later, the family was back at the hospital. 

"He stayed at home for about three hours. He had to come back because everything went downhill. Then he was finally admitted properly into the hospital. Then we found out there were more people in the hospital and they're all talking about eating at Old Town Italy. I said then that's the issue," he said.  

Old Town Italy says after becoming aware of the problem, it took immediate action -- swapping out its in-house Hollandaise for a pre-made variant, as well as quarantining all bacon and egg products.

The restaurant also says it has been in touch with all the families affected and the city's Health Department.

For the full interview between Newswatch's Bernadette Wicks and the father of the Durban man affected this past week, listen below.

Meanwhile, after 1pm, Jane Linley-Thomas caught up with Consumerwatch's Wendy Knowler to hear the latest on the food poisoning saga. Listen to the interview below.

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