Madiba to be honoured at Nelson Mandela Capture Site

Madiba to be honoured at Nelson Mandela Capture Site

The KZN Provincial Government will honour the late Former President Nelson Mandela's birthday today at his Capture Site near Howick in the Midlands.

Madiba to be honoured at Nelson Mandela Capture Site
Khatija Nxedlana
The provincial government has described Madiba as a pioneer in the country's fight against HIV and Aids.

The province says the progress South Africa has made in the fight against the disease would not have been possible without Mandela's commitment.

South Africans and people across the world are marking Mandela Day today by dedicating 67 minutes of their day to community service.

Meanwhile, Microsoft founder, Bill Gates delivered the 14th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture in Pretoria last night.

He said investing in the youth's health and education is key to success.

"South Africa is blessed with some of the best universities in Africa. For a foundation, we partner with these universities to do our work in health and agriculture research.

"Maintaining the quality of this country's higher education system or expanding access to more students will not be easy but it is critical to South Africa's future.

"Other countries, the region would do well to follow South Africa's example and provide the highest level university education to the largest number of qualified students.

"Healthy, educated people are eager to make their way in the world but Africa's youth must have economic opportunity to channel their energy into progress," he said.

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