Mabuyakhulu says every tourist counts

Mabuyakhulu says every tourist counts

Economic Development and Tourism MEC, Mike Mabuyakhulu says the tourism industry cannot afford to lose even one visitor as a result of the new visa regulations. 


Mabuyakhulu made the remarks at the World Routes Development Summit in Durban, which has brought together 2 500 delegates from across the globe to discuss new and existing flight routes. 

"If any one person isn't get into that flight, it's one person too many, given the current state of affairs globally. So, we do need each and every visitor that comes to South Africa to get into that plane and come to South Africa, even more so [if we are] a long-haul destination.

"However, the numbers themselves do not paint a picture that we've had a major difficulty," he said. 

The rules include the requirement of an unabridged birth certificate for parents travelling with children under 18. Those considering visiting South Africa also have to now apply for visas in person at the country's missions abroad.

An inter-ministerial task team chaired by Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa is reviewing the regulations which have left many travelers frustrated.

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