Little Amy's brave fight continues
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Little Amy's brave fight continues

Little Amy's brave fight continues as she waits for a new heart. 

Little Amy

The campaign to find a new heart for a five-year-old girl from Durban continues as her family faces another hurdle. 

Littlt Amy Miller who was diagnosed with a rare heart condition - Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome at just six-days-old has experienced some health complications. 

Speaking to Newswatch, Heartkids' Liza Welsh says the current medication prescribed is causing side effects.

"Amy's body or heart is not responding to the medication as we would have liked for it to respond to so that means the urgency with which we need a heart has increased. We are definitely running out of time" she says. 

Little Amy's blood type is B-positive - a rare blood group that consists of 12% of the population.

For more information on how you can get involved in the #anewheartforAmy campaign visit Heart Kids South Africa. To register as a organ donor visit the Organ Donation Foundation or contact 0800 22 66 11 and 084 741 9484 after hours.

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