LISTEN: SA can expect more listeriosis cases

LISTEN: SA can expect more listeriosis cases

South Africans can expect to see more cases of listeriosis being reported in the coming months due to the bacteria's long incubation period.

Shelves cleared of products linked to Listeriosis outbreak
Dineo Mphahlele
That's according to Consumerwatch's Wendy Knowler.

Knowler's been commenting after attorneys announced they will file a class action against Tiger Brands, the company that owns Enterprise.

An Enterprise polony factory in Polokwane was identified a week ago as being the source of the deadly outbreak.

Yesterday, Richard Spoor Incorporated Attorneys announced that it will team up with US food safety law firm, Marler Clark to file the lawsuit.

This will be done on behalf of the victims' families.

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Knowler believes the numbers could increase.

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