NSRI: Drownings in KZN more prevalent in rivers and dams

[LISTEN] NSRI: Drownings in KZN more prevalent in rivers and dams

The high number of drownings in the province is a serious cause for concern says the National Sea Rescue Institute.

NSRI rescue boat

NSRI says KwaZulu-Natal remains one of the leading provinces when it comes to drowning incidents in South Africa.

The NSRI has urged people to exercise caution when swimming and crossing rivers.

 NSRI CEO, Dr Cleeve Robertson says there are more children dying than adults. 

"Particularly in the rural provinces like KZN and Eastern Cape. Probably because of the rivers and Estuaries, children often have to cross rivers to get to school.," said Robertson. 

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He said most drownings are not in the sea, "I think it's a misconception. Most drownings actually happen inland." 

He says the lack of swimming ability in South Africa still remains a huge problem. 

"Swimming is a life skill. If you ever fall into the water, or is pushed or have to get into water unacceptably you must be able to survive by floating and in the most elementary way be able to paddle to the side." 

Listen to the full interview with Cleeve Robertson: 

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