LISTEN: No load shedding expected today, for now

LISTEN: No load shedding expected today, for now

Eskom says its emergency response command centre is meeting on Friday afternoon to determine whether or not there will be load shedding today.


The power utility says the system remains critically constrained.

It carried out stage two load shedding on Thurday night until 5am, after several generating units were lost.

Eskom spokesperson Dikatso Mothae says they replenished emergency reserves last night to meet demand today.

"We haven't been load shedding as of 5am today, and we don't think we will need to load shed." 

"However, the system is quite constrained, depending on what happens towards the end of the day we may need to load shed, possibly in the evening, but as it stands with everything remaining the same we are unlikely to load shed,"  says Mothae. 

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