LISTEN: Durban prisoner hopes for future as engineer

LISTEN: Durban prisoner hopes for future as engineer

An inmate serving a sentence at Westville Prison says he hopes to play a significant role in the fourth industrial revolution when he gets out. 

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Bheki Gwala, who has been behind bars for seven years, is in his second year of electrical engineering studies with UNISA. 

He spoke to media on Tuesday, when KZN education officials visited the facility to oversee the writing of matric papers. 

Gwala says he is trying to keep up to date with what's happening in the world by watching TV. 

"I have been following what has been happening on the TV, so I want to be part of that to see what I can do. As I am here, I am also a tutor, so what I am doing here I want to do it outside as well."

"The programmes that we got here they equip ones so that when he is outside as well, he must do the same. If I can help and get a chance to go out, I want to continue with what I was doing here - tutoring the guys and helping especially the young ones," he said. 


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